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A few facts about the Evinox service from one of the residents…

Don’t charge leaseholders for remote flat diagnostics in case of hot water or heating issues. I queried this with customer services last week. (I hope that they won’t change their minds in case you need their assistance in future!)

You can book a service with them directly. An on-site service does cost approx £160 – £180. A service can be directly arranged with the customer services. TEL: +44 (0)1372 722277 Option 1, followed by Option 1 (for Modusat Systems)

I had the service completed two weeks ago. Service duration: 30-45 minutes and received: A software(firmware) update and a new sensor was installed which does call hot water must faster. I experienced intermittent hot water recently and not sure if the software/firmware update, or the additional sensor, has rectified this problem.

They currently don’t have any smartphone app available. Some residents are keen to monitor heating consumption or other statistics on the go. I was advised by customer services that we should use ViewSmart Room Controller installed in each flat.

This is the white LCD panel where installed in each flat. Online manuals or YouTube Videos are available (I have not yet looked at this properly myself)

Does not offer an individual service – maintenance contract for flats. However, they provide a service contract for a block of flats. Particularly useful for Right to Manage. However, Evinox customer services can arrange an engineer and parts (if required) to repair issues. This is chargeable. Of course, everyone has the right to use an independent heating engineer company if they specialise in Enviox Modusat heating products.

Issue with re-prussurising your heat exchanger, please click here.