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Emergency Contacts

Out of Hours Emergency Desk 0203 370 9405


During working hours (9am – 5pm Monday to Friday) call the Estate Manager – 07591 385113

Estate Assistant – blwestateassistant@gmail.com

5 Commerce Road, Brentford TW8 8LE.

OUT OF HOURS EMERGENCY NUMBER: 0203 370 9405 (make sure you mention that “Crabtree and Brentford is the managing agent and “Brentford Lock West”)

Management Agent: Crabtree – samantha.bishop@crabtreeproperty.co.uk


  • The desk can deal with all emergency communal maintenance issues such as, where applicable, communal boilers, sewage and water pumps, vehicle access gates, entry systems and communal doors, drains and lifts. This list is not exhaustive so if you believe the issue to be urgent please call and we can advise accordingly.
  • Any internal issues within flats would be the responsibility of the Owner or appointed agent of the individual flat.
  • In the case of lack of water or electrical supply you may be asked to also contact the relevant provider or authority in order they prioritise any relevant incidents.
  • For any issues relating to trespassers or suspected criminal activity please contact the Police directly (999 or for reporting/lesser issues 101)
  • Should you smell or see smoke please evacuate, call the Fire Brigade immediately then notify us.


  • We can also assist in issues between flats such as leaks although this is limited out of hours to those problems which are causing damage or health and safety concerns.
  • It should be noted that should you call regarding a leak into your flat you will, in the first instance, be asked if you have notified the offending flat; if they are onsite they should either shut off their water and/or instruct a plumber. We can talk residents through their responsibilities and the correct course of action.


  • Out of Hours we cannot progress matters relating to the following;
  • Service charges, on-going correspondence, parking control, replacement fobs or keys, TV or satellite reception, pest control unless extreme problem or security issues regarding individual flat doors. There may be other instances in which we cannot assist but will be able to report back the next working day.