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Allotment Licence

An agreement made between

(1) (the “Licensor”)
BRENTFORD LOCK WEST (PHASE 1) MANAGEMENT LIMITED: a Company registered in England & Wales with number: 08977131


(2) The licensee as per the details entered into the form below

1. The Licensor is the Management Company as defined in the apartment leases responsible for the maintenance and management of the common parts of the Development.

2. In consideration of the Licence Fee and subject to the terms of this Licence the Licensor permits the Licensee to use the allocated allotment at Brentford Lock West, Commerce Rd, Brentford TW8 (the “Allotment”) for the purposes of an allotment during the Licence Period.

3. In this Licence
(a) “Licence Fee” means £150.00 per annum exclusive of VAT

(b) “Licence Period” means the period of 12 months from 1st January to 31st December

(c) “Development” means the Licensor’s development at Brentford Lock West, Commerce Rd, Brentford TW8

4. This Licence is subject to the following conditions:

4.1. A deposit of £50.00 shall be paid by the Licensee to the Licensor on the date of this Licence. Such deposit may be used by the Licensor for any reinstatement of the Allotment at the end of the Licence Period into the condition it was in prior to the commencement of the tenancy.

5. The Licensee shall:

(a) use the Allotment as an allotment garden, wholly or mainly for the production of garden flowers, vegetable or fruit crops for consumption by the licensee and her/his family and for no other purpose;

(b) keep the soil clean and free from noxious contaminants, weeds and in a good state of cultivation and fertility and in good condition;

(c) not cause any nuisance or annoyance to the occupier of any other allotment garden or to occupiers of neighbouring properties, or obstruct any path set out by the Licensor for the use of the occupiers of the allotment gardens;

(d) not allow any other person to use the Allotment or any part of it without the written consent of the Licensor;

(e) not without the written consent of the Licensor, cut or prune any timber or other trees, or take, sell or carry away any mineral, sand or clay;

(f) not without the written consent of the Licensor erect any structure on the Allotment and shall be responsible for the removal of any structure on or before the termination of the tenancy;

(g) not light any fires on the Allotment;

(h) not grow trees other than low level fruit trees on the Allotment;

(i) use an amount of water on the Allotment that is reasonable for an allotment garden of this nature and to comply with any reasonable direction of the Licensor in this regard;


(j) keep the Licensor informed of any change to the Licensee’s contact details set out below.

<p?(k) not take, damage or disturb and plant, fruit or vegetable from a plot not your own without prior permission.

6. Any duly authorised representative of the Licensor shall be entitled at any time to enter and inspect the Allotment.

7. Where the expression “the Licensee” consists of more than one person the obligations on such persons shall be joint and several.

8. This Licence shall terminate:

(a) on the day after the death of the Licensee;

(b) immediately upon the Licensee ceasing to occupy a residential unit on the Development:

(c) by either party on the giving of one month’s notice in writing to the other;

(d) if the Licence Fee remains unpaid for a period of 14 days after it falls due; or

(e) if the Licensee does not duly observe the conditions of this Licence.

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